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  • Description

    Gain knowledge to successfully work in a clinic, med spa and/or hospital type setting. Work at your own pace and complete laser training in this unlimited income earning field through online learning. The school is accredited and has hands-on medical/cosmetic classes, register at sselaser.org and thanks for 30 years of student success!

  • Features

    The course allows students to have an understanding of laser physics from a medical perspective. The Professor has attached videos with hands on demonstration involving real subjects so the student can see how medical laser applications are applied in the real world.

  • The Professor

    Professor Chaffin has been teaching for 17 years, has two Master Degrees, developed America's First Standardized Medical Laser Core Content Curriculum and is currently finishing his fellowship under the guidance of Gary Palmer, MD to be the first Doctor of Medical Hair Removal. This curriculum was developed in the Southeastern School by the Professor after realizing there were no Doctoral Medical Hair Removal Programs in the world.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Laser Syllabus

    • Download and read the syllabus and Manuals
    • Course Syllabus
    • Laser Manual Part I
    • Laser Manual Part II
    • Laser Manual Part III
    • Laser Safety Manual
    • Danger Laser Signage
  • 2

    Core Content and Curriculum for laser hair removal professional

    • Instructions For Certified Medical Laser Core Content Curriculum
    • Downloadable Laser Core Content Curriculum, Patent Approved in 2015
  • 3

    1 Introduction to Lasers

    • Intro to Lasers
  • 4

    2 Laser Basics

    • Laser Basics in the Medical World
  • 5

    3 Laser Lesson 1

    • Laser Lesson 1
  • 6

    4 Laser Lesson 2

    • Laser Lesson 2
  • 7

    5 Laser Lesson 3

    • Laser Lesson 3
    • Laser Spot Test , Part I, II and III
  • 8

    6 Laser Safety

    • Laser Safety Protocols
  • 9

    Final Exam For Certified Medical Laser Specialist

    • Instructions

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